Rhythmic Gymnastics is a competitive rhythmic gymnastics team based in Duluth and Suwanee area, Georgia.  Rhythmic Brains is home to State/Regional/National Champion, USAG certified judges, and USAG State Chairman.  New motivated (to be) gymnasts can be accepted from Level 3 to Level 10.


Rhythmic Brains is directed by an Exercise Scientist (PhD), coached by former National Team member coaches, demonstrated by a former National Team member, and judged by USAG certified judges.  We emphasize the correct shapes, techniques, and neural activity for skill improvements.

Rhythmic Brains offers regular and private lessons in Suwanee and Duluth for competitive gymnasts. Flexibility and Conditioning lessons can also be offered to high-level ballet/dance performance in Greater Atlanta.

New rhythmic gymnastics students are accepted at Ultimate Rhythmic Gymnastics in Duluth.


Rhythmic Brains is coordinated by Shinohara Academy